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Only Alternative Solution, Safe Natural Anti-microbial Agent! Best Defense Against Anthrax, Biological Warfare, Chemical Agents.

Ozone Is Not Smog or Bad For You. Learn the real truth and how ozone generators can actually save your life.

Learn the REAL TRUTH about ozone and smog.

Ozone Regulations Assembly Bill 2276

Applied Ozone Systems was formed July 7, 1993. We specialize in corona discharge and ultra violet ozone generators or ozone machines for air food water purification treatment for all business, home and industrial ozone applications.

Applied Ozone Systems takes great pride in distributing the highest quality ozone generators machine and air purifiers for all applications at reasonable prices for the fresh produce and meat industry.

Ozone applications to perishable foods in processing, storage, water purification, and oxidative medical therapies for alternative health is an old technology with new beginnings. The consumption of safe perishable foods and saving lives are our main goals.

Degenerative disease and chemical pollution in our environment is multiplying at an alarming rate along with other contamination. It's estimated that 30 million people yearly get sick due to contamination and many will die as results.

The main goal for processors should be to have the safest possible products delivered in the freshest condition to the buyer and the consumer. This means the air food water purification is the key in every step of the chain. Without this, safe foods are not possible.

Ozone is the strongest and most natural algaecide, bactericide, disinfectant, fungicide, germicide, sanitizer, and virus agent known to humanity. Activated oxygen, not only destroys all pathogenic and organic microbe, it also destroys fungal pathogens, cysts, parasites, protozoa and some yeast as well.

Activated oxygen can break down the complex molecular structures of synthetic chemicals back to their safe original elements. Its power to kill pathogens is unsurpassed. It is simple and the best natural alternative to purify dry or perishable food items.

Compared to other chemicals used, it is the best safest natural alternative in use today. Its the only SAFE solution for the environment because its the most environmental friendly oxidant with no toxic by-products. Utilizing this natural alternative to its fullest potential could eliminate most all types of chemicals and microbial contamination.

Ozone applications on fresh perishable foods like meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits and flowers increases shelf life and decreases shrinkage. It can control, reduce and eliminate bacteria, and disease producing pathogens. It also has the same effect on fungus, mildew, mold, herbicide, pesticides and virus.

Everyone deserves and has equal rights to live safe and sound lifestyles, eat fresh perishable foods without the fear of death, disease, or sickness due to biological warfare and contamination.

Our rights of breathing clean air, drinking from pure water treatment systems, consuming safe perishable foods, and dietary supplements should not be infringed upon by anyone or anything added that creates disease or physical and harmful effects to human bodies.

The power of ozone is unsurpassed in air purification treatment, in food purification treatment and to purify water treatment systems is impressive but its ability to purify humans and animals of degenerative disease is awesome in alternative health therapy.

While biogenetics and biological warfare using these pathogens grows so will your need for detoxification, air purifiers and medical therapies utilizing activated oxygen too its fullest potential.

Additional information on this technology applied to foods and many other interesting subjects are included in the book The Breath of Life.

Everyone needs to be made aware of and avoid the deadly risks we all face in our daily lives. No logical person would avoid these truths and become the most recent statistic because of another's greed.

Being forewarned is being able to recognize the real enemy and their continuing threats against human life. Being informed helps in making better decisions, creating better futures for your children and future generations.

Nobody else is going to take care or be responsible for your health. You have to do this on your own. Its never to late to regain your natural wellness through the right medical therapy and prevent future problems. The time to get better is now, tomorrow may be to late.

Ozone generators and ozonator for pool and spa, air purifier and our technology are available for all Applied Ozone Systems applications. Equipment and natural alternative products for self detoxification using oxidative therapy methods are in the products Medical Ozone Generators, while maintaining the healthy benefits of being an air purifier, these can be as strong as a pool filter in keeping your pool clean.

Applied Ozone Systems is proud to announce the first affordable ozonator. This will soon be the most popular ozonator machine around the world for the Alternative Health and Medical Professionals.

The AOS-1M is perhaps the smallest and most inexpensive type corona discharge ozone generators machine and ozonator on the market. It can be used to purify your drinking water or other useful applications.

Repair work and quotes are given for air purifier and water purification systems in the treatment of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, seafood during processing and storage.

New Products

Applied Ozone Systems is announcing the new SMOG BUSTER. This small sized 12 volt ozone generator injects activated oxygen into boats, cars, diesel engines, or trucks intake air that produces cleaner burning fuel, increase your gas mileage, increase horsepower, performance, torque, reduce tail pipe emissions, reduce smog levels in the city and save you money at the gas pumps.

Smog Buster Ozone Generator

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